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SEDS Mobile Imagine Version 7.8
Imagine is our most popular mid-level digitizing system. It includes all features in Impression, plus additional stitch types for appliqué, satin, and jagged edge stitches, and full condensed/expanded processing power. Want to try it? Click here.


What's new

Main Features

bulletIncludes All Features of Impression, plus:
bulletAlbum Feature for Organizing Designs
bulletHTML Output for Web-based Catalog
bulletMultiple Designs Thumbnail Print
bulletAdditional Stitch Types, Such as Turn Radial Fill, E-Stitch, and Double Walk…etc.
bulletCornering Options for Satin Stitch
bulletContourStitch and Color ContourStitch for Photo Embroidery
bulletOneTouch Automatic Digitizing of Simple Designs
bulletMore Powerful Editing and Processing Tools
bulletChange Stitch Type
bulletChange Multiple Stitch Blocks Parameters
bulletChange Stitch Blocks Settings in Stitch Browser
bulletChange Underlay of Existing Stitch Blocks
bulletConversion from Expanded Stitch Blocks to True Condensed Stitch Blocks
bulletFull Features List


- News -

SEDS i-Series Embroidery Digitizing Software Version 7.8 has been released.

New Product Launched - StitchTools 3.0 Embroidery Lettering Software

New Product Launched - DIGI-IMAGE Digital Image Processing System for VEGA


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