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SEDS i-Series Version 7.8 
The SEDS i-Series embroidery digitizing software, integrating the power of computer-aided design with intelligent stitch generation, are advanced platforms that offer digitizing, editing, lettering, viewing all in one package. The latest SEDS i-Series Version 7 has many exciting new features added (more information) and it is divided into 3 levels:
bulletSEDS Insignia - our top level embroidery digitizing software. More information.
bullet SEDS Imagine - our mid-level embroidery digitizing software. More information.
bullet SEDS Impression - our first level embroidery digitizing software. More information.


StitchTools 3.0 Embroidery Lettering Software 
We are proud to introduce a completely new product line, the StitchTools 3.0 embroidery lettering software for designs viewing, management, editing, processing and lettering. This product replaces the old EDTools. More information.

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SEDS i-Series Embroidery Digitizing Software Version 7.8 has been released.

New Product Launched - StitchTools 3.0 Embroidery Lettering Software

New Product Launched - DIGI-IMAGE Digital Image Processing System for VEGA


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