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Frequently Asked Questions (Click on a topic to see more details)
bulletJacquard weaving software related
bulletSEDS software related
bulletAuthentication Error during installation?
bulletYou probably did not plug in your security device. If you have a security card please insert it into one of the ISA slot on your computer. If you have a USB dongle please plug it in one of your USB ports.
bulletYou are using an expired 'cap' file. Please make sure that the 'cap' file in the Master Key Diskette is the latest one that we provided.
bulletNo available ISA slot for security card?
bulletThe security card you have should be inserted in an ISA slot. In some cases, you may be able to use the PCI side of the card to insert it into a PCI slot but we don't recommend doing so and we don't guarantee it will work. To install in PCI slots, remove the metal plate, then plug the other side into an available PCI slot in the computer. We strongly recommend you contact us before you do this. This MUST be done carefully. There have been instances in which customers had burned the card when doing this and this kind of damage is not covered by the warranty, and we urge that you exercise caution. In case your PCI slot does not support our security card, you may try to adjust the PCI bus clock in the CMOS setup and show how it may help. If no, you will have to free up an ISA slot for the security card. (If the system does not load, or icons appear grey out after double clicking on the icons, it means it is not compatible with the PCI slot). Common solutions include swapping an internal ISA modem, if present, for an external modem that plugs into your computer's serial port, or substituting a SCSI-port scanner (if your scanner has an ISA SCSI card) for a parallel port scanner.
bulletSwitch to a USB security dongle. Please contact us for more information.
bulletIs SEDS Windows 2000/XP compatible?
bulletOnly version 6.7 or above supports running on Windows 2000/XP. To check what version of SEDS you are running, start the program and press the F3 key on the keyboard. A dialog box will come up with the version information. If you are not running version 6.7 or above please contact us for  the latest version eligible for you.
bulletWhen starting the program, a message appears warning that the computer's display setings need to be set to at least 800x600 pixels and at least 256 colors to run the program.
bulletSEDS supports multiple embroidery colors in a design, as well as on-screen simulation. These features require display of at least 256 colors. Also a resolution of 640x480 will not be sufficient to display all the icons and you may experience difficulties on accessing some of the icons. If this does not bother you, click Yes, else click No. Most display cards support at least 1024x768 with 256 colors. Please change your display settings in the Display Properties box in Windows. If you display card do not support this mode, you may need to buy a new one that support this resolution. Although 256-color mode is the minimum requirement, 16-bit high color is strongly recommended.
bulletWhen I try to start the program, the startup splash screen comes up and then goes away, and nothing happens then, OR no splash screen appears, program does not start. No program window appears.
bulletCheck to see that you security device is installed properly and securely. If you are using a security card it should be plugged into an ISA slot. If you are using an USB dongle, it should be plugged into an USB slot. If not, power down the computer and re-install the security device and make sure that it is securely plugged. Then re-start the computer and re-install the software.
bulletThe program files may have been corrupted. Power down your computer and re-start it and re-install the software. If still does not work, delete the entire SEDS (in some old versions EDSWIN) folder. (Remember to backup any useful files, like design files, before deleting.) Then re-start the computer and re-install the software.
bulletWhen starting the program, a dialog box appears asking for a password. Alternately, I receive a message stating that my system has timed out and suggests that I re-install the software.
bulletYour software has timed out due to security procedures set up when the software was originally shipped (i.e. in case the shipment fails to reach your address due to theft/mishandling). Please contact us and do NOT enter a password.
bulletYou are ineligible to use the current copy of the software. For example, you may have installed a version of the software released after your designated period of free updates. If so, please re-install the previously-working version of the software. Please contact us if you have any questions.
bulletCheck to see if the security device is present and securely installed. If no, power off the computer and install the device securely. You may need to re-install the software.
bulletWhen starting the program, the error message "Protection Key Not Found! System Quit." appears.
bulletYou have an SEDS Mobile system that requires insertion of an USB dongle into an USB port. Ensure that the dongle is properly inserted as provided in the installation instructions that came with your software.
bulletThe computer crashed while I was saving a file. The next time I loaded my last saved file, the system reported the error message, "File Does Not Exist" or "Error Opening File".
bulletWe strongly recommend that customers run Scandisk on their hard drive partitions at least every week. When the system saves a file to a location that has lost clusters, it will stop saving and the file will be lost permanently. To minimize the loss, take advantage of the Backup Save feature.  Computer viruses are also another possible cause and we strongly recommend that you have an anti-virus program installed.
bulletProgram works for a while, but crashes unexpectedly during operation.
bulletCheck your display card driver and ensure that you have the latest version installed. There are known issues with older versions of ATI and S3 card drivers, which are both excellent product lines that work well with the software with the newest versions of the driver installed.
bulletCheck if you are running the latest updates of the software. We update our software from time to time if there are problems found.
bulletSome of the icons grey out.
bulletDepending on what level of the software you purchased, the feature activated by that icon may not be available to you.
bulletSome of the icons grey out, and they are the wrong ones, including the basic ones that I should have. Program does not appear to work properly.
bulletIf you are using a security card and it is plugged in a PCI slot. Plug it into an ISA slot instead using the correct side for the pins and re-install the software.
bulletThe security card is not functioning probably in its ISA slot. Power off the computer, re-seat the card, re-start the computer and re-install the software. If the problem persists, try to install the card on an alternate ISA slot. If you are still encountering problems, please contact us immediately.
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